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Post #336 - Video Views

These are some of the film offerings of Icarus Films that relate to Iran:

Shirin Ebadi:  A Simple Lawyer
Association Film Fest award winner for National Women's Studies and Middle East Studies categories
48 min., color, 2004

Zinat, One Special Day
A Film by Ebrahim Mokhtari
"Zinat, the first woman from the island of Qeshm in the south of Iran to remove the traditional face mask (boregheh), is running for office."
Association Film Fest award winner for National Women's Studie, 2000 Cinema du Reel (Paris) Special Mention of the International Jury
54 min., color, 2000

Iran:  a Cinematographic Revolution
A Film by Nader Takmil Homayoon
"The intertwined history of Iran and its cinema, from the first silent films to the talkies, from the Shah's regime to the Islamic revolution, and the international cinematic success of today."
2011 UN Association Film Festival award winner, 2008 American Historical Association award winner
98 min., color/b&w, 2006, $348

Inside Out
A Film by Zohreh Shayesteh
"Transsexuals in Iran.  Intimate conversations with doctors, religious authorities, and transsexuals about the mind/body conflict, Islamic interpretations, and the impact of sex-change treatments on their lives."
39 min., color, 2006, $298

Fragments of a Revolution
"Directed by an anonymous Iranian living in exile, the film brings together clandestinely sent emails, online videos and footage shot by protesters in the midst of demonstrations."
2011 Best Documentary on Democracy, DOK Leipzig, 2011 Louis Marcorelles Prize & Special Mention Young Jury Prize, Cinema du Reel (Paris)
57 min., color, 2011, $348

Siah Bazi (Black Games):  The Joy Makers
"Siah Bazi theater troupes, similar to Commedia dell'arte, traditionally performed at weddings and parties, led by men and women in full harlequin garb, making impromptu skits peppered with subtle commentary on current events and politics...Tehran's troupe faces the closing of its 400-year-old theater..."
2006 Tribeca Film Festival (NYC) award winner
48 min., color, 2004, $348 for two films (the above and the following title on one DVD>>>>)

"Siah Bazi troupe is invited to perform with Theatre du Soleil, a Parisian avant-garde improvisational stage ensemble."
58 min., color, 2008, price:  see above)

Final Fitting
A Film by Reza Haeri
"Mr. Arabpour is a spry octogenarian and master tailor who has served Iran's most important religious leaders for decades...Showcases the changing cultural styles of Iran and its clerical elite."
Grand Prix Short Film at 2008 Iran International Documentary Film Festival, 2009 Hot Docs Film Festival (Canada) award winner
31 min., color, 2008, $348 for two films (the above and the following title on one DVD>>>>)

All Restrictions End
"Structured like a collage, interweaving archival footage from Iranian cinema, imagery from various stylistic epochs in the history of Persian painting, graphics from the period of the Islamic revolution.."
award winner at:  2011 Society of Visual Anthropology Conference, 2010 Berlin International Film Festival, 2010 European Media Art Film Festival
35 min., color, 2009 (price:  see above)

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