Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Post #396 - Up for a Pop Quiz?

See how you do!  (Are there any trick questions?...maybe; it depends.)

Iran and the West
Quick Quiz

1. Which countries have utilized torture to gather intelligence:

A. Israel
B. United States
C. Iran
D. Iraq
E. Afghanistan
F. All of the above

2. The person who said, "Israel must be wiped from the face of the earth" was:

A. Ayatollah Khomeini
B. Ali Rafsanjani
C. Ayatollah Khamenei
D. Mahmoud Ahmadinezhad
E. None of the above

3. The first place where demonstrations were held bemoaning the 9/11 attacks was:

A. New York City
B. Tehran
C. London
D. Berlin
E. None of the above

4. Countries which have inspections under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty include:

A. United States
B. Pakistan
C. Israel
D. Iran
E. India
F. All of the above

5. During the past forty years, which country/countries have faced a true existential threat?

A. Israel and the United States
B. Kuwait and Iran
C. Kurdistan and Palestine
D. Egypt and Syria
E. All of the above

6. The country from which Iran first sourced nuclear technologies:

A. Pakistan
B. Russian Federation
C. United States
D. North Korea
E. None of the above

7. Saddam Hussein made the most extensive use of chemical weapons against:

A. The Kurdish
B. Sunni Muslim Arabs
C. Shi'ite Muslim non-Arabs
D. The Turks
E. None of the above

8. The country that gave the most support to the Taliban in their fight against the Soviets:

A. Pakistan
B. United States
C. Iran
D. Saudi Arabia
E. None of the above

9. The largest number of suicide bombers has been of which nationality?:

A. Sri Lankan
B. Saudi
C. Palestinian
D. Iranian
E. Afghan

10. The United States has military stationed in which country adjacent to Iran?

A. Afghanistan
B. Iraq
C. Turkmenistan
D. Pakistan
E. Turkey
F. All of the above

11. Which nation has invaded a country in the Middle East in the past century?

A. Iraq
B. United States
C. Israel
D. Turkey
E. All of the above

12. Match the countries and the estimated number of nuclear warheads held by each:

A. North Korea            1. 240
B. Iran                           2. 0
C. Israel                        3. 70-90
D. United States          4. 5 - 15
E. Pakistan                   5. 1790
F. China                        6. 200

Answers in my next post....

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