Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Post #306 - Motes and Logs

The following chart is not perfectly done.  It has no place in it for the many alleged instances of cross-border meddling, links to terrorist attacks (in all directions, by several different states and non-state actors) and so forth.  It may let Iran off a bit easy, if some of those allegations prove to be accurate.  

That having been said, the basic truth of the content can scarcely be denied.  Iran has been much less of an active agent in geo-politics than the United States, especially where the Middle East is concerned, even allowing for the difference in size and population.  The difference, in terms of scope and scale, is stunning. 

Still, the U.S. position remains that we are the "leader of the free world" and Iran is a "renegade nation" that is "outside the community of nations" -- a set of characterizations that is unlikely to change until a fundamentally different approach to "world democracy," if you will, is instituted.  The phrase "nuclear threat" will continue to used to refer to Iran's potential bomb, rather than to the 5,000+ weapons we have, or the 200 or so that Israel can  deliver at will onto Iranian territory.  Each of my readers must draw his or her own conclusion whether this take on things actually conforms the facts.

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